It was a day like any other day. I had picked Gavin up from daycare and headed home, made lunch and put him down for a nap. Now, I know you're asking yourself what the fail with Gavin was. Well- there wasn't. This was a parenting fail with Evan (who was at school). After Gavin fell asleep, I too laid down to try and snag a little shut eye.. I do get up super-early after all.

Fast forward a couple hours and it's now 4:30 and I'm waking up to the sounds of Gavin fussing. I get up and head out to the kitchen where, at this time, Evan's jacket and backpack are usually on the table. Nope- nothing. I shout downstairs thinking maybe he's in his room. Nope- nothing. At this point I'm getting pretty concerned that Evan clearly isn't home more than an hour after his bus is supposed to drop him off. I go and grab my phone and see about 5 missed calls and several texts, including some from the Windsor School.

Turns out I'm a moron and forgot that Evan had coding/robotics club after school. That club ends at 4pm and children are then picked up by their parents. Except for mine. There he sat waiting for someone- anyone to come and get him. Long story short, his teacher ended up driving him home. Not sure how I'll ever live this one down.

Remember, if you're ever feeling like a lousy parent for whatever reason, think of me- and think of my children sitting at school long after all the other kids have gone home wondering why his parents have forgotten about him.

The End.

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