I know that when I was growing up my parents made sure to teach me about veterans and their service to our country. It helped me understand the sacrifice that they made for our freedom and I had a greater appreciation for commitment, patriotism and service.

A woman named Becky is doing the very same for her young daughter and sharing the importance of our country.

She is a board member at the Maine Homeless Veterans Alliance and her daughter shares the same pride. She loves American flags and gets so excited when she see's large ones that she will squeal, according to her Mom and take photos. Becky and her daughter were recently in Windham at Wal Mart and they noticed a man on a motorized cart wearing a veterans hat.

Becky's daughter pointed him out and ran up to him immediately. She asked the gentleman, "Sir, did you fight for our country?” He replied “I sure did sweety”. They spoke for a bit and before leaving Becky's daughter said to the man, "I thank you for your service, Sir."

It is never to early to start sharing what our vets have done to instill a sense of gratitude and appreciation in our next gen.

This local story is simple but extremely poignant and touching. Let's spread the love of country to all of our children and teach them about the people who fought for our freedom.

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