Here I am it's Sunday morning sipping coffee and waiting for my dryer to be delivered. There are still two loads of wet laundry in the basement left from Friday when the dryer died. I'm freaking about mold and mildew in jeans but I guess they're okay, I'll rewash the loads when the dryer gets here.

Yesterday morning we went out looking and pricing dryers. One store after another hoping to find one on clearance or one deeply discounted. I was prepared to walk out of the store with a floor model if need be. Did you know one store we went to wouldn't sell off the floor? They were "big box" too. I guess it needs to be in a big box when it arrives at your house from their warehouse a week later?  Most of the others would sell from the floor but couldn't deliver on the same day or next. Lynn told me she'd prefer if a pro set it up. Sounds like code for "you're not attempting this."

When we bought a Maytag washer and dryer set about 10 years ago. The washer broke last summer so the appliances no longer matched anyway. The washer we bought last June was a GE. It's alright, does the job but preferred the Maytag. Here is what we learned. Almost everybody is the same now. My memory of the the dialog is fuzzy but we learned that the most of the companies have merged. Whirlpool, Maytag, Roper, Amana, etc.

I feel a bit guilty for buying from Lowe's and not a local guy but they were the only ones who could deliver for free the day after and for $399 minus rebates and the 10% off, I couldn't turn it down. The plug, clips and dryer hose brought it to a little over $400.

There is a pause in the writing at 7:38 am as the story is not done. I will continue with part two when the dryer arrives later this morning.

Part two can commence at 11:45 am. Earlier around 9 am, Lowe's called and said they will be here between 11 am and 2 pm. Lowe's brought the dryer just after 11 am, the early side of their delivery window. Mission accomplished. They were a great couple of guys. We laughed, we joked we go the tutelage on the dryer.