We probably all agree that celebrating Thanksgiving as a family every year is pretty traditional, right? Well, this will be our first year celebrating that AND Friendsgiving!

Friendsgiving as described by Merriam-Webster online,

Friendsgiving is a blend of friend and Thanksgiving, and it refers to a large meal eaten with friends either on or near Thanksgiving. People are serious about their Friendsgiving celebrations: there are how-tossample menusrules, and even commandments for Friendsgiving. But when Friendsgivingfirst came into use, it was used to describe something much more informal than the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

This year, a few days prior to the actual holiday, we will be gathering with our friends (who are just like family) from the Kelly's Cause For Brain Tumors committee. Naturally, I signed us up to bring the mashed potatoes... yum!

Do you have any Friendsgiving traditions that you just HAVE to do each year? Or maybe, like me, this will be your first year attending a Friendsgiving. Either way, I'm super excited about.. I'm already fasting for the meal! Just kidding..

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