Let me first start by saying that this woman being struck by lightning is certainly not funny. I feel like I need to clarify that right out of the gate so the PC police don't call my corporate office and demand that I be fired for insensitivity. However, if you choose to do that, the number is 1-800-3- wait a minute, I'm not giving you the number!

Anyway, let's get back to how this all happened shall we? I had already gone to bed and fallen asleep last night, but at around 11 PM the baby decided it was time to wake up and eat. Considering he is six months old and still breast feeding, this is my wife's wheelhouse at night, however, it often times wakes me up, too. So, since I was awake, I decided to sit up with her while she fed Dawson and scroll through my phone like a mindless sloth.

I popped open my Tik Tok app to see what was trending through the night and that's when I saw this video. Now, I laugh at things on a fairly regular basis. Okay, I guess I kind of chuckle at things on a fairly regular basis. But this? This had me rolling. I watched this video probably 25-30 times last night. This :43 second clip literally consumed me. I had to get out of bed and go out to the kitchen so that Keri could put the baby back to bed without me keeping him up.

Fast forward and it's not about 1:30 AM and I'm STILL up. Only now I'm in pain from laughing so hard and I'm completely exhausted. Eventually I was able to collect myself and head back to bed- but I was still chuckling as I dozed off.

Again, I stress that it is in NO WAY funny that this poor woman was struck by lightning and sent into a coma, it's the replay of the news clip that really is where the humor comes from. Check it out!

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