I'd like to start this off by letting you know that camper toilets aren't the cheapest thing to replace. Wanna know how I know that? Because I had to order one on Amazon this week. But why? Well, gather round my people and I shall tell you the intricate tale that is the 'James Camper Crapper Calamity'. I literally just made that up as I was writing this. I'm a literal genius.

Over the last year or so I have been noticing that the flush valve in our camper's toilet hasn't been closing all the way. It's been such a small thing that I haven't really paid much attention to it. When we would flush the toilet (foot flush camper toilet) the water valve wouldn't close all the way, causing the bowl to ever-so-slowly fill with water. Not really a big deal because even after 12 hours it was only about halfway full. Naturally, as I always do with problems in my life, I completely ignored and disregarded it.

Well that all changed over the weekend at- you guessed it - Beaver Brook Campground. Something always seems to happen to me there, and it's always waste related. Any who, the leaky valve decided it was going to get worse. Way worse. To the point of after about an hour, the toilet bowl was completely full and overflowing onto the floor and needed to be flushed. It got to the point that I had to shut the water off to our camper.

After doing some research and ordering a new $6 valve, I learned that sometimes if you snap the flush pedal up really fast it can cause the water valve to 'unstick', thus remedying the problem. I went into the camper and gave it the old college try. Snap one, nothing. Snap two, nothing. I really went for it on the old 'third time's the charm' snap... so much so that the entire pedal snapped and broke off of the toilet causing all the insides (springs, washers etc..) to completely fall out. Oops.

At this point, there's no fixing this turlet. Plastic has been completely shredded off of it, so she's toast. On the bright side, my new $300 turlet from Amazon should be here tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to getting on my hands and knees in my camper bathroom and playing with toilets. As a matter of fact, if I remember to do it, I'll do a quick Facebook live of the progress so that you can all laugh at me.

I told my wife I'd have this fixed before our camping trip at Cathedral Pines next week. She asked if  I thought I was capable of such an invasive repair to our camper. I reassured her that I had watched a YouTube video and felt very confident in my abilities. Five minutes of looking that the situation has determined that was a lie.

I'll keep you posted on my toilet after it arrives. Thank God for Amazon. I love you, Jeff Bezos.

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