Let's be 100% honest with ourselves here, shall we? Did anyone actually expect that I'd be able to do this project all by myself without messing something up so badly that a trained professional would have to come in and fix it? No.. and for the record neither did I- or my wife. But I did!

Yesterday was the big day for the camper. It was the day that I finally decided to take out my old broken toilet and replace it with the brand new porcelain bowl I ordered from Amazon. Don't remember what happened to the original turlet? Here's a quick flashback..

My camper toilet valve was allowing the bowl to constantly fill. After doing some research and ordering a new $6 valve, I learned that sometimes if you snap the flush pedal up really fast it can cause the water valve to 'unstick', thus remedying the problem. I went into the camper and gave it the old college try. Snap one, nothing. Snap two, nothing. I really went for it on the old 'third time's the charm' snap... so much so that the entire pedal snapped and broke off of the toilet causing all the insides (springs, washers etc..) to completely fall out. Oops.

Now that you're up to speed, you know why this repair was so necessary. Especially considering that we're leaving this weekend on a family camping trip at Cathedral Pines in beautiful Eustis, Maine. And there's no doubt that during the 6 day trip at least one person in the camper will need to poop.

Photos of Matt's Camper Toilet For No Reason

I actually did a 'handy man' style repair without having to call in a professional!

Memorial Day Camping, 2021

Matt James & Family camping trip @ Beaver Brook Campground

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