A close friend of mine recently had their home destroyed in a fire. As a community, we come together to support each other during times of hardship, and by sharing this it may result in assisting this amazing family. If you or someone you know is in a position to contribute, please consider doing so HERE at GoFundMe.

According to WMTW, firefighters were rushed to put out a house fire this Wednesday after receiving calls that a child may be trapped inside the building. Thankfully, there were no children harmed in the fire and they are safe but sadly, they did lose their beloved dog, Maggie Moose.

James Willy Carville via Facebook
James Willy Carville via Facebook

As the report states, the responders were called to Village Street and Pinewoods Road at around 3:15 p.m.

Multiple fire crews from nearby towns collaborated to extinguish the fire that was exacerbated by two venting propane tanks.

Tragically, the family who lived in the house completely lost their home and are in need of alternative accommodations ASAP.

The GoFundMe, organized by Paige Pelletier states, 

Dear friends and community members,
I am writing to share some devastating news. Our Lisbon neighbor, James Willy Carville and his two sons house was completely destroyed in a fire today, leaving them with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The family is currently displaced and in need of our help.
Your donations can help provide them with basic necessities, shelter, and eventually help them rebuild their home. No donation is too small. Every little bit counts.
I thank you in advance for your generosity and support during this difficult time for Will and his boys.
James Willy Carville via Facebook
James Willy Carville via Facebook
They are asking for $10,000 and have raised over a $1,500.

During times like these, we come together as a community and extend support to our neighbors in any way possible. If you are able to help, the Carville family is currently in need and I have no doubt that we can demonstrate the true essence of community.

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