Get ready for another inspiring story straight outta Maine baby. We seem to have so many heroes here. I honestly think it's time we have a hero's of Maine calendar because we save people on the regular.

Here's a story out of Westbrook, Maine that I had to share, according to Westbrook Professional Firefighters.

An off-duty firefighter was heading down New Gorham Road in Westbrook as he noticed a big cloud of smoke coming from a house.

He called 911 right away and then did what all hero's do. He stopped, went inside of the house to make sure no one was in there. He did find an elderly woman who had no idea that her house was on fire. As the Fire Department says, the fire was inside the walls. By the grace of God he was able to save the person from the flames.

Because of his fast thinking and training, he saved her life.

After he removed her from her home, the crews arrived and began to extinguish the fire. Many agencies were called to the scene to handle the fire.
The cause of this fire within the walls of this home in Westbrook is still under investigation, as the post states.
I think if you ask any Maine firefighter, they would have done the same, no matter if their on the clock or not, they're always a firefighter.
A round of applause to all of the service people that helped this particular fire and all of those badass crews who help all of us, every day.

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