As I was driving in Lewiston this morning I saw something extremely shocking. I am sure all other commuters were not expecting to this as they were also, starting their day.

It was approximately 7:30am as I took a right turn onto Alfred A. Plourde Parkway from Webster Street and I was instantly blown away when I witnessed fire trucks, a garbage truck, and the biggest heaping pile of trash I have ever seen dumped on the side of the road. What made it so surreal was that this gigantic pile of trash was, on fire!

Video footage below.

The smoke was incredible. I didn't understand what was happening at first, but when I got a closer look, I noticed the Lewiston Fire Fighters hosing down the trash. I am assuming that as the garbage truck driver was driving, he noticed smoke coming from the pile he was hauling.

He pulled over and had to release the hatch and all that was in the back. This had to be hundreds of pounds of trash. Clothes, boxes, items, you know, anything you throw away.

Google Maps
Google Maps


Now, when this happens, it's not like you can easily narrow down who the culprit was, right? Was it a cigarette? Was it a sparkler that wasn't out? Was it a lighter or something flammable, that an unknowing neighbor through away and it sparked on something?

Thankfully this mobile dumpster fire was taken care of immediately with the help of the Lewiston Fire Department and presumably, the quick thinking of Lewiston Waste Management garbage truck driver. If the pile on fire was not released in time, this could've been a catastrophe.

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