According to the meteorologists at WCSH 6, we could see a rare fall nor'easter on Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Even though we think of nor'easters as being winter storms with lots of snow and wind, it is possible for us to get them other times of the year.  They're called "nor'easters" because of the northeast winds that accompany them.

The combining of two storms, one from the great lakes and one from the southeast, will cause this storm.

Depending on where in Maine your are, rain will start between 9 and midnight on Wednesday.  We'll see the heaviest rainfalls (*ahem* downpours) on Thursday morning.  Much of the state could see rainfall totals of between 1" and 2".

As for the wind, most of Central Maine and the mid-coast could see gusts of 45 MPH or higher.

Hopefully, it won't be anywhere near as bad as the fall nor'easter we got at the end of October, 2017.

We'll continue to update this story...

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