Are you considering decluttering your life? You know, the whole Marie Kondo vibe? Embracing a much simpler and downsized lifestyle? Well, if you are ready to transition to a tiny, more minimalist way of living, then Maine is the perfect state to do it in.

I myself have even thought about the advantages that come with living in a tiny house. But let's be real, my clutter has already claimed squatter's rights in every nook and cranny of my home, and it would be disrespectful to throw it away at this point.

I like my stuff way too much. However, tiny living has become a movement, and many Mainers have fully transitioned to tiny living.
This year's state ranking for tiny house living has come out, and Maine is ranked as number four, as per Lawn Maker. I believe it, because Maine is picturesque for tiny homes, and we are in no shortage of good land to build them on.

According to Great Lakes Tiny Home, these are the counties in Maine that are 'tiny friendly'.

You can live in a tiny house in Wiscasset, New Gloucester, Chelsea, Stonington, Hollis, and Old Orchard Beach.

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But building a tiny house in Maine can cost different amounts based on where you build, how big you want it, etc. On average, according to Great Lakes Tiny Home, in 2024, it's guessed to be around $141 per square foot. You'd between looking to spend $50,000 to $140,000.

Vermont, Kentucky, and Arkansas also rank among the top three states for embracing the tiny home lifestyle!

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