When you think of science, you don't think beauty queens, right? Well now, you will.

Lauren Gray Jakub, of Chelsea, became an official contestant in the United States of America's, "Mrs. Maine Pageant," in 2022. She is your USOA Mrs. Augusta.

Have you ever met someone who sticks in your mind days after the encounter? That is what happened after I was lucky enough to meet this woman.

The moment we shared was fierce and unforgettable. I learned in just a few short moments that Lauren is not only someone who wants to spread positivity, and love to other woman, but also wants to share her knowledge and the importance of science and S.T.E.M to others, especially young people.

S.T.E.M is the focus and study of science, technology, engineering and math, according to Homeland Security. 

We ran into each other at the Summer Concert Series in Mill Park. Lauren often makes appearances at local and State functions and is always wearing her sash and crown. She is proud of what she has accomplished and is not afraid to show it.

As Mrs. Augusta and beauty queens in general, they have platforms and specific passions they focus on. They create and promote awareness around so many things and Lauren's passion lies within the remarkable world of science and S.T.E.M.

Lauren told me that she wanted to do this to work on herself and create new relationships with other women competing and being apart of a sisterhood.

She went on to say that,

I wanted to give back to the community ,especially focusing on the STEM field through out Maine.

Lauren Gray Jakub

Lauren Gray Jakub via Facebook
Lauren Gray Jakub via Facebook
I love science so much because you are constantly learning new things. Science is never stagnant, it is constantly changing and evolving.
Lauren Gray Jakub


Lauren's platform is called, "Simply S.T.E.M", where she teaches, supports, fundraises and brings awareness to S.T.E.M institutions in Maine.

She recently raised funds for a young boy to attend the Maine School of Science and Mathematics Summer STEM camp.

She volunteers her time in local classrooms, educating kids in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Also volunteering at Mount Desert Island Biological laboratory’s Family Science Night on July 6th.

Lauren is a alumni Student Research fellow from here and is a scientist for the Maine CDC.

Apart from her career, studies, and volunteering, her favorite part of life is being a Mom and Wife.

Things aren't always easy but Lauren looks adversity in the face, smiles, straightens her crown and fights right through to her next challenge.

Back when she was a single mom, she put herself through school, while raising her daughter Olivia, in her mid thirties and got her degree in the Sciences.

Lauren Gray Jakub via Facebook
Lauren Gray Jakub via Facebook

You can check out Lauren through Mrs. Augusta fan page here or the group she created, Simply Stem!

Lauren pushes to make sure girls become something. That, there dreams don't lie dormant within their thoughts. She wants everyone to know that with a little sweat and hard work, you can become anything.

So listen up ladies, it's all within your grasp. Just grab it.

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