We had some fun this week on the Moose Morning Show asking listeners about the weird things they do that help them to relax. We even had someone comment and say that drinking coffee helps them to unwind and get ready for bed at night. How crazy is that? For the Moose Morning Show, coffee is a literal lifeline.

This whole conversation of weird things that help you relax all started because of a TikTok trend. As it turns out, people are wetting their toothbrushes and petting their cats with them. Apparently it helps to settle your cat down because it reminds them of when they were a kitten and their mothers would groom them.

Karen at our Facebook page says that push-mowing her lawn helps her to relax. She says she loves it because it smells good, you can see your own progress and no one tries to come talk to you. We also had a listener say that they love doing dishes. The warm water, the fact that you're accomplishing a task and again, no one is going to come over and talk to you for fear of being asked to help.

Some other answers we got about weird relaxation triggers include adult coloring books, washing your car at a self-serve car wash, true crime podcasts, horror movies, watching the stars and the moon and listening to lottery tickets being scratched. Oh, and as it turns out, you can actually watch videos on YouTube of people scratching off lottery tickets. Who knew?

Listen below to a couple segments from the morning show as we talk about the weird things that help 92 Moose listeners to relax.

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