This being a rainy night and a ‘Throwback Thursday’ it might not be a bad night to hit the Redbox, Netflix or video store. It's a good night for a movie, so, what are your favorite classics? I use the term “classic” loosely, as my definition may not be the same as yours. Listed below are my all time top 10 movies.

My Top 10 All time favorite movies not in really any particular order as they are hard to pick one over another. I will say my all time favorite old movie is, ‘Fast Times At Ridgemont High’.

As for the other nine movies:

‘ET The Extra Terrestrial’

‘Pretty in Pink’

‘When Harry Met Sally’

‘Pump Up The Volume’

‘The Breakfast Club’

‘Beverly Hills Cop’

‘Wayne’s World’


‘Dazed and Confused’

What are your favorite old or classic movies?

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