According to WABI, dancing is where it's at this New Year thanks to Eye Candy Studio!

Sometimes the gym is something that could be hard for you and if that is the case or you just want to add a little more movement to your life, Eye Candy Dance & Fitness Studio is the spot for you!

From swing, belly dancing, hip-hop, burlesque, yoga, and even country line dancing, they've got an array of different styles to choose from, as the article states. No matter what style of dance you enjoy, they will be able to guide you in the right direction.

There is even a hula hooping class, weekly!

Eye Candy is located in Bangor at 9 Central Street Suite 403.

But let's talk about what I am interested in, Nerdy Burlesque. This caught my eye immediately and I need to know more about it. What even is that?

There are literally no dance centers that I have heard of, locally, that offer this style of dance. I know that burlesque is sexy but then you add the nerdy factor and what do you get? This is something, I would love to witness or even try.

According to their Facebook page they announced the class as the following,

Come get nerdy and dirty with us! We have a epic idea for the dance for this class! So come learn some choreo, you know we are going to add in some props and your going to love the story we create! Come have a fun time with us Wednesday night! Grab your spot.

I love how this dance is described as creating a story. Because that is essentially what you're doing with body and the movement you create when you dance. I can't wait to see what nerdy and burlesque equals as a dance form!

According to WABI, studio owner, Megan Crochere understands that starting something brand new can be a bit nerve-wracking and she says,

When you come to something, and you’re going to it new, it is really intimidating

We’ve created a space where everyone is welcome.

One of the most common pieces of feedback we get is when you come to our studio, everyone feels welcome,

That really is one of the things we strive for, and every single class we do to make you feel like you’re at home. We call it ‘trying to find your tribe.’ As adults, it’s hard to make friends and you can come here, you’re completely safe in this space and hopefully leave with a group of friends.

Megan Crochere

They are expecting an expansion for their studio, as WABI states, and also looking forward to a burlesque festival.

So, grab your suspenders, glasses, and sexy attitude and join a class!

All information for weekly classes is offered you can find right on the Eye Candy Studio Facebook Page and website!

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