I mean, we've all done it, right? NO! Of course we haven't- Because ya just don't go around leaving your freakin' BABY in a freakin' TAXI! But that's evidently what happened in Hamburg, Germany.

The parents were on their way home from the hospital with the baby (it had just been born). When they arrived home they got out of the cab, grabbed their ONE year old and headed inside. By the time they realized they forgot the new baby, it was too late. The baby lay asleep on the backseat of the cab as the driver parked in an underground garage to eat lunch.

After lunch the driver went to the airport to pick up another passenger and that's when he was alerted to the fact that there was a freakin' newborn in the backseat. He immediately drove to the police station where, lo and behold, the panicked parents were waiting for him.

Of course when they went to the police station to get the newborn, they forgot the one year old back at home!

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