I was yesterday years old when I ate seaweed and fish tacos. Hold the applause.

It was Saturday night and I was running late, as per usual. It wasn't my fault, it was my jacket, the zipper had an "off-day". When is Velcro coming back anyway? It would save on a lot of time.

As I reached the door of Fish Bones Restaurant on Lincoln street in downtown Lewiston, I noticed that the parking lot was at full capacity. Thank god for Aunt Barbara, she made reservations.

As I shuffled into the restaurant, still at odds with my zipper, I noticed how beautiful the décor was. Their were shelves on the wall with purple back lights. I was like a fly attracted to the bright glowing decorations.

The mood was welcoming, warm, and hella fancy pants.

But not in a "I'm fancier than you" sort of way. More like a "I know I am fancy but I still also respect you for your, un-fanciness."

I approached the table in a back room and their they were, my crew, lifting their glasses and hooraying as I sat down. When Uncle John and Aunt Barbara come up to visit from Pennsylvania, it's always a celebration. Our family is like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," Honestly if my YiaYia were still alive, and knew that movie existed, she'd probably say the movie was based on us.

We're loud, expressive and will share our love with all. So when we go out to eat, we love trying new places and unique menu items.

The drinks began to flow and the food orders were placed. Out of all of the incredibly delicious The appetizer was the award winning dish of the night for me.

Lizzy via Cell
Lizzy's Family via Cell

We had lobster Rangoon with seaweed salad. Ok, so you're thinking seaweed? Really? I assumed it'd be slimy and taste like the ocean but guess what? You guessed right, it didn't. It was absolutely delicious. Salty and not slimy at all. It tasted healthy and dreamy.

Here is a video of me trying seaweed for the first time.

Our waitress, Jennifer was an absolute dream. It's nice to go out to a fancy pants restaurant but feel like you also fit in. I had a brilliant dinner with my family and we reminisced about memories and ate so much I could barely walk after dinner was finished.

Below is a gallery I created of our night. If you find yourself on Lincoln street in Lewiston, go to Fish Bones!

I tried seaweed for the first time at Maine's Fish Bones

Their are many different types of different foods that I would try in my life and I never thought seaweed was one of them but I did and this was my experience. 


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