Some of us remember what happened when Coca-Cola introduced NEW Coke. Well now Pizza Hut is about to embark on a journey of epic proportions. Pizza Hut announced that they have changed the recipe of its signature menu item.

"Following a three-year culinary innovation journey, Pizza Hut is now re-launching its beloved Original Pan ® Pizza for the first time since it debuted on menus in 1980. The new-and-improved Original Pan ® Pizza boasts an even crispier golden-brown crust and more flavorful blend of cheese and sauce, offered at an unbeatable price"

"Pizza Hut has a rich history of things we’re known for, and creator of the Original Pan Pizza is certainly at the top of the list,” said Pizza Hut executive Marianne Radley in a statement. “Re-inventing our most iconic Pizza Hut menu item is just another way we’re showing our customers that as a company we’re about the pizza first and will never become complacent when it comes to taste.”

You can get the new recipe pan pizza now for the promotional online price of $7.99 for a large, two-topping pie.

Check it out, I certainly will. Let me know if you like it better, or if the "New & Improved" recipe should follow the path of NEW Coke, then again, NEW Coke is in high demand, so perhaps they should wait another 40 years, then the world will be ready for a NEW Original Pan Pizza.

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