I wrote an article recently about a hysterical girls night out I had with my bestie, Katie and what I left out of that piece was a place we visited. I left it out on purpose because I wanted to write an entire article about this magnificent spot!

Christopher Nichols of Lewiston, found himself at a crossroads in life, he was working 12 hour shifts at a bakery with no windows and no doors and so he made that choice we often find ourselves faced with, which road do I take?

When his wife took him to see his man crush, Walker Hayes, they went axe-throwing after the show and his dream was realized. Chris had grown up on a farm and previously knew so much about axes and wood, so he put two and two together and voila! The concept was natural to him.

This is how the American dream works ladies and gentlemen, so gather 'round. He and his children, Lucas, Makenna, and Gabriel Nichols, built the place with their hands and his own savings. It's an inspiring family affair and now Christopher is a business owner.

When my best friend, Katie and I walked into "Splittin' Wood Axe Throwing" located in the Lewiston Mall, we were blown away by the overall energy and feel of the space. Every single patron taking part in hum-chucking axes on a bulls-eye were smiling, laughing, and sharing memories.

Axe throwing has been trending for the past few years all over the nation. Chris fiercely understands the weighty responsibility of safety in this sport and tends to each detail for each thrower to feel secure.

Before I even got to look around, we were approached by Chris with rules right off the bat. It is obvious that he strictly prohibits any goofing around.

Once we were given the rules, we felt reliant enough to try and boy do we suck at first, well I did. But then, I got the hang of it and it was almost like the axe was part of my body, an extension if you will. It became a dance for me. The shakiness I felt at first, floated away and I became solid in my stance and ferociously self-assured when whipping that axe across the room.

The ninja stars were my favorite piece of throwing equipment. I whipped those little suckers with such veracity, poise, and a little style that, for a moment, I thought of leaving my position at the radio station and becoming a full time ninja. The color black does look good on me.

Chris has been a coach for 20 years and so he implemented a program on Sundays whereas he teaches children 10 and up how to throw tomahawks at the wood. He also does a "level-up" program as to where when the kids are following the rules they get to throw something else, and he says they go from acting like 8-year-olds to 12 -year-olds immediately.

"There's just something about it that is therapeutic. The community has been amazing and welcoming.."

Christopher Nichols, Owner

Christopher and his family have created an experience that transforms each person that allows themselves the chance to really try. It's an art, a kick-ass art. I can say with all accuracy and truth in my beliefs that this place changes lives for everyone that gives themselves the permission to be free of nerves. If you need a confidence booster, stress reliever, or most popularly, a date night with your lover, then this is the place to go.

This is a story about a dream, being realized and now Christopher, finally has windows.

Check out Splittin' Wood Axe throwing on Facebook to see what's happening.

Enjoy the photos of my night

Splittin' Wood Axe Throwing is Changing Lives in Lewiston

Splittin' Wood Axe Throwing is Changing Lives in Lewiston

A Local Maine Man built a business with his own savings and his family, and together they created a life-changing experience for friends and axes!

Hysterical Girls Night Out in Lewiston/Auburn

Hysterical Girls Night Out in Lewiston/Auburn

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