It saddens me that video stores are all but extinct.

I just read a commercial promoting Alpha Video on Western Avenue in Augusta and their going out of business sale with 40% off titles. As far as I know, they’re the last video store in the Capitol area. Of course I could be wrong, but regardless, the idea of running out to browse through a store with an array of titles is looking like it is a thing of the past.

Yes, you can go to Redbox, there is Netflix, and on-demand through your cable or satellite provider, but where can you go to get the more obscure titles lijk an oddball 80s movie? I guess there is YouTube, but I have no desire to hook a laptop up to a TV.

Just yesterday, I was looking for an oldie. My oldest is in driver’s ed and I went through the movie channels (HBO/MAX/SHO, etc) and Netflix looking for ‘License to Drive’ and ‘Moving Violations’ and of course after a search, I came up with nada.

I could go through Amazon, but I don’t want to own the movie, I just want to watch it. There are many other titles I would love to see again, but there really is no place to go and look.

Any suggestions?

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