"It's been said, that the truth is in our trash," according to Bates News, when referring to their annual Trashion Show. The truth is that we were in a pandemic and still are now. Face coverings were only an oddity at one point in time and used for medical personal and workers who went into like dusty places or something but now face coverings are not only mandatory to stay safe in many places but now, have become omnipresent and accessories. So it's no surprise that the masks were a necessity in this year's Trashion Show!

The show was filmed in Commons at Bates College in Lewiston as well as displayed virtually, online. It was hosted by Marcos Pacheco Soto '24 of Santiago, Chile  and Kush Sharma ‘23 of Dehli, India.

The Trashion Show is fun with a purpose: to highlight the amount of trash generated by the college.

Bates News

The show provided a demonstration of on-campus recycling and exhibited the problems of contaminated items in the recycling stream. This can mean materials are being sorted into the wrong bins or sullied items being put into the bins.

“We are causing overwhelming levels of contamination in our recycling bins,”

“When a recycling bin is over 5 percent contaminated, all its contents must go into the landfill.”

Trashian Show Hosts

The show offered some insight and guidance on how to recycle properly, depending on your own community rules, you should concentrate on securing cans, bottles, and clean paper/cardboard go in the recycling while letting everything else go in the trash.

This year’s creative teams are the models and designers. The models included students as well as a Professor named Kirk Read who teaches French and Francophone Studies, tailored by Assistant Dean of the Faculty Kerry O’Brien.

Bates Communications Multimedia Producer, Theophil Syslo was able to produce awe-inspiring stills for this show.

My personal favorite piece, if you ask, is The Sun Dress, worn by Maria McEvoy of Missoula Montana because it's made out of Sun Chips!!

Theophil Syslo via Bates College
Theophil Syslo via Bates College

Exhibiting the appearance of each model with the truth that trash shows us. Everyone involved in this show generated thoughtful insights for all of us when examining how we can do better for our world and mother nature.

 Please appreciate the photos of the Trashion Show Below!

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