We've all been there, driving down a country Maine road, jamming to our music, when out of nowhere, BAM! You've crashed into a wild critter, be it a speedy squirrel, a deer, or even a Maine moose.

Hopefully, after wearing your seatbelt and getting over that initial shock, we deal with the situation and move forward.

It's possible you have a fancy new "animal dent" on your vehicle but, if you're lucky, your car escapes unscathed.

But here's where the twist comes in.. the very next day, you're back on that same stretch of road, and BAM! The roadkill has magically disappeared! Vanished! Vanquished! Evaporated into thin air as if Harry Potter himself flicked his wand and magically dissipated as if it never happened.

So, you can't help but wonder, who on Earth gets the job of dealing with this and removing Maine road kill?

Unless, of course, you happen to be someone with an odd passion for collecting roadkill, you might wonder if there is a specialized roadkill cleaning company, or does this duty fall to our state government?

This job falls to various people, depending on the circumstances.

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If your city has animal control, like Rockland, Maine for example, the city has the responsibility to remove road kill from public roads. Some cities have police departments that hold lists of people who would like road kill.

So you can call your local Animal Control or Police Department and they will use their resources to remove it. Here is a list of Maine's Animal Control Departments for each city.

If this is your private property and you prefer not to remove it yourself, you can google up a list of people that offer those services. But it is your responsibility to handle it.

Apparently, road kill is something that is highly sought after if local PDs have lists of people who want the road kill.

However, if you hit an eagle, hawk or another endangered species, you should call Maine Fish and Wildlife.

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