I was planning to go to bed significantly earlier than I did last night, though Netflix apparently had other plans for me.

Sometime when I get ready to fall asleep I'll pop on a stand-up comedy special on Netflix to doze off to. Well, when I opened the app up, it recommended a new movie to me called 'The Platform'.

Two hours later and I found myself having more questions about the movie than before I had even watched it. Let me explain..

This movie is about prison. But it's about prison in the future. The prison is built as a single tower that is 333 floors tall. Each floor houses 2 inmates. They are all fed once a day- here's where it gets interesting.

The top floor 'floor 0' gets first dibs at the food that comes down on a massive platform. After about two minutes the platform lowers down to the next level and those inmates get to help themselves. This process continues for hours each day until the platform of food makes it down to level 333.

The problem here is that by the time the platform makes it to about level 50, all of the food is gone because everyone gorges themselves every day. People on the lower levels sometimes die, or they sometimes kill and eat their cellmate. You see, there are no rules here.

Every 30 days inmates are knocked out with a noxious gas that is pumped into the tower and they wake up on a new level. Some go from a starvation level like 232 and wake up on level 4, and vise versa.

The movie gets a WHOLE lot stranger though. Don't take my word for it, just give it a watch. It's about an hour and a half and I would strongly recommend not watching this with kids. There it lots of gore, swearing and nudity.

Oh, and if you enjoy movies with concrete endings that don't leave you hanging and asking "what just happened?", it may not be for you. Enjoy!


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