Finally some awesome news from the world of live entertainment. Bob Marley now has several upcoming shows at Narrow Gauge Cinemas in Farmington at their drive-in theater.

Sure, COVID has caused a lot of things to be cancelled like hair appointments, dinner reservations and proms. But how about all that live entertainment that had been scheduled? Concerts, dance recitals and even stand-up comedy. Finally, we're getting some of these things back.

During a conversation with Bob Marley this morning, the Moose Morning Show has learned he has the green light to begin performing again. Of course because of the current government regulations, there are certain restrictions. Like how will he handle social distancing? Well by performing at the drive-in of course!

Beginning on Friday, May 22nd, Bob will do two shows per day all the way through Monday the 25th. That's 8 shows total with each day's showtimes slated for 4 and 6:30. Several of these showtimes are already sold out as there is a limit on the number of cars allowed to attend. If you're interested in purchasing tickets to one of these shows just click here for Bob's website.

Bob will be performing on top of a flatbed so that attendees can still see him, and people will tune in to the drive-in's own broadcast frequency so you can hear the jokes right through your car speakers!

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