2022 Request-A-Thon was a hit! This was proudly presented by, Graham Behavioral Services and all the money was given to support Special Olympics, Maine.

Matt and I started off the morning with an amazing visitor and helpful volunteer, Sergeant Emily Christiansen of the Kennebec County Sheriffs Office. She jumped right in and started taking calls and requests and I fell in love. She is a remarkable person and the best thing about having law enforcement come in to the studio and help with this cause is that I get to learn about them. Emily has had an incredible life and I look up to her. As a woman, she has broken the glass ceiling and nothing will stop her.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder and Sergeant Christiansen

We also had Sergeant Andrews and Officer Randall from Gorham PD, Officer Fecteau and Detective Johnson Lewiston PD, Officer Brad Chase and Lt. Vincente Morris from Augusta PD and Michael Bachelder from Skowhegan PD. These folks were incredible.

They came, they sat with us and we all connected. We also were lucky enough to have had catered treats from Lilac Catering. Clark is the owner and we have become fast friends.

Trevor and Chris, Owners of the Ground Round Sports Grille and Tap Room, Hallowell also stopped in and served us lunch and were able to update us on new and exciting things.

We were honored enough to get a visit from a competitor for Special Olympics Maine. Her name is Penny and her and her friend Robin stopped by to bring us and their favorite Detective, Craig Johnson cupcakes!


The day was long but every second was worth it because we ended up raising, drum roll please, $7,132. This is an incredible amount and we are so happy to help Special Olympics Maine.

Request-a-thon is always fun because we are able to play any song. Which means for me, I get excited to hear local musicians too! I have two favorites that played there songs during this event, Rob Burnell and Josh Mckelvey, check them out!

Thank you to ESM, who donated the greatest amount of funds to this incredible request-a-thon, 2022.

Check out the photos of the event below!

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