Let's all be real with each other right now. This thing is pretty freakin' spectacular! Except for the bedrooms, our entire house is hard flooring; ceramic tile, hardwood, hybrid etc.. so when it comes to keeping it all clean, it can get tough. For the last year in our new house we've used a regular old mop that you dunk into the bucket and then pull the lever on the handle to ring the sponge...well, I snapped that one in half, not out of an irrational fit of rage but on accident. Clearly, we needed a new mop. The other day while at Sam's Club I spotted this gem.. Check out my new O-Cedar Mircro Fiber Spinning Mop! Thing works like a charm and is super-convenient. I was all jazzed up about my purchase, but I seem to be the only one.

Have you ever been mega-jazzed about a purchase only to see that everyone around you thought it was ridiculous to be excited about? Yeah, me too! Share your stories!


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