My wife Janelle and I decided that our 5 1/2 year old son, Bentley was officially ready for his first road trip! We decided to go to Pennsylvania because that’s where I was born.

When we arrived, we were all ecstatic and had a lot planned with family. Amongst the many adventures we went on was a fishing expedition with my Uncle John.

He took us to Bushkill Park where, his father took him as a child. So it was special for my Uncle to take my son fishing.

This is one experience, I won't forgot and that I had to share.

We had set up at a beautiful fishing spot near a lovely bridge on Bushkill Creek. Uncle John pulled out his fishing gear and Bentley was intently watching as he loves to fish! But this was "big boy" fishing, so the excitement leveled up for all of us.

As Bentley and Uncle John were casting into the water you could see a lot of fish so we all assumed we were going to catch something. We just never expected what we caught.

Uncle John said with excitement, "I got one!" We all ran over and hovered near his line and it was big.

This was a big greenish looking "fish," that was almost over-taking Uncle Johns strength to pull it up.

The "fish" was extremely jumpy. As Uncle John pulled the line out of the water we all noticed that this "fish" was a frog. A gigantic frog that was caught on the line.

We were stunned and shocked and I immediately knew this wasn't going to be good. Removing a fish from a fishing line is somewhat normal, but a frog? Oh no.

The frog was a surprise, but it was also nerve-wracking. The lure was wrapped around it's leg pretty tight so we had to figure out how to remove it and not scar Bentley and all of us for life.

I was just going to pull it off but then I realized that the bait has a tiny sharp point to it and if I did that, I would have injured the frog.

So, instead, we carefully pulled the not-so-little jumper up onto the ground and carefully removed the hook wrapped around his not-so-little leg.

We then threw him back in and as he hopped away, my wife and I looked at each other breathing a sigh of relief because we spared our son from witnessing a pretty gnary "frog surgery."

This was a good learning lesson for all of us.

If you want to go fishing, be prepared to catch something unexpected.

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