Let's talk about Morty.

Morty is a 7-year-old Maine Chihuahua and is the beloved fur bay of Danielle Ruffino.

Danielle and Morty didn't set out to be stars, but it seemed to be written in the stars for Morty.

According to an article by Fox 23 Maine, Morty has become famous. He is not like any other dog.

He has "one missing eye, wobbly legs, extensive wardrobe," his owner Danielle said in the article.

One day she decided to record Morty while he was feeling some music. Morty did already have some content up on Instagram, but when Mom put him on film to the song, "run" by Awolnation and posted it on TikTok, it killed online, according to the Fox 23 Maine article.

Morty went from his Mom being his number one fan to millions of people fanning over the pup.

 “It went wild with views.”

Danielle said in the article.

Because of Morty's wobbly legs and the way he moves, it makes it look like he is actually truly dancing to the music. He is so cute and you have to watch his videos! It's like he's doing a little jump dance, precious. His movements match different beats. With over 944,000 followers on TikTok, Morty is killing it.

His most popular video on TikTok has gained more than 26 million views and is set to the song, "Jump the Line" by Harry Belafante, according to the article.

The excitement didn't end with just one viral video for Morty. Due to his expressive nature and more then 200 wardrobe options, he has constant fame now.

Being followed by Whoopi Goldberg, Cyndi Lauper, Carrie Ann Inaba and Martha Plimpton has skyrocketed this dancer slash fashion icon slash pet to a next-level pet celebrity.

What music does Morty enjoy? I'm glad you asked. Morty enjoy rock, country, alternative, Motown, doo-wop, hip-hop, disco, easy listening and metal, according to the Fox23 article.

When I put music on in my household to have a little jam session, my cat walks away.

If you'd like to follow Maine's own famous Chihuahua, his name on TikTok is, Mortythemisfit, I can't wait to see what is next for Morty!

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