You may have seen me share this meme on the 92 Moose Facebook page on Saturday night. I couldn't help myself, it was just too funny. And, after giving it a little thought, it turns out that this meme is absolutely 100% true.

Gas Pump Meme

It happens all the time. You're running low on gas, or in my case diesel, and you need to stop off and get some go-go juice. Let's face it, you're also in a hella hurry because instead of getting gas on your way home last night, you decided you'd wait and do it this morning and now you're regretting it. Don't worry, we're all right there with you making super-poor life choice... you are not alone!

It would be way cool if the gas pumps didn't make our hasty bad-timing gas stop even more difficult. Why in the world do these things need to ask us 365 questions just to grab a couple quick gallons? I mean for crying out loud, I feel like I'm the gas station Ken Jennings on an episode of J&S Jeopardy!

Is this a debit card? Do you want a car wash? Are you a rewards member? Would you like a receipt? Are you pregnant or may become pregnant? Have you ever been to Sugarloaf? Do you want to grab dinner sometime?

Please, I know the questions are important for upselling purposes. But can't we get a free pass when the temperature is below 32? We promise, we'll get the carwash and sign up for the rewards program in June.


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