Were you listening to the Moose Morning Show today? Of course you were- silly question, I know.

Well around 7:30ish you might have heard us drop off the air right in the middle of a commercial. Yes, it was accidental. Yes it was my fault- kind of!

One of the cool things about working from home is that you can frequently multitask, so as we're doing the Moose Morning Show, I can also do some laundry.

I was downstairs at about 7:30 this morning switching the towels to the dryer and starting a new load in the washer. I knew that Renee and I had just talked on the air and had about 10 minutes until we were to go on again, so I was just boppin' along doin' my laundry thang.

A few minutes go by and as I'm just closing the lid to the washing machine I can feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. It was Renee. Turns out she had been trying to reach me for almost SIX minutes because- we were OFF THE AIR!

I came bounding back up stairs to my kitchen studio to see what had gone wrong and was able to spot the problem immediately. One of our cats had gotten up on the counter and laid down on my laptop. You know, because cats love the feeling of warm computer keyboards.

In the process of laying on the keyboard the cat somehow disabled "automatic mode" on the 92 Moose computer system, thus causing everything to stop. Not only did she do that, she somehow managed to change the orientation of several menu settings and screwed up my two-monitor display.

Despite the chaos she caused this morning, she is still a very loved cat here in our house. Because my wife loves her- that's why. I mean, this is why I have a Great Dane as my pet. My dog would never think of taking us off the air in the middle of the show, he's just way too considerate to do that. Cats just don't care.

Alright, that's the end of this story. I have to get back to work meow.

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