Every child deserves a home and that is the goal for Project Sparrow, a non-profit 501c3 that serves the foster children of Maine.

Did you know that currently, in this state their at 2500 children in foster care? And just in Central Maine are 500 children in need of homes.

Each week in Central Maine, 7 kids enter foster care, according to Project Sparrow.

They state that Maine is the worst state in the entire nation for child abuse and child neglect and sadly there aren't enough foster families to help. This causes the kids to be temporarily housed in hotel rooms for weeks at a time.

Project Sparrow is dedicated to housing the children of Maine and are asking for your help!

The founders of this incredible non-profit are Scot and Nicki and according to their website, when they, along with there three children answered God's call to move to Maine, they weren't yet aware the plans He had in store.

"As we formed connections with families in our community, we were taken aback by the number of grandparents raising their grandchildren. Gradually, as people opened up to us, we heard their stories. It was the first time we truly grasped the struggles faced by individuals who grew up in foster care. Witnessing how their childhood experiences shaped their lives broke our hearts."

They have been called to do this and are passionately trying to help. They are now in need of you, to answer prayers as well and are looking for new foster families as well as volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a force to assist this vital non-profit who are committed to our kids, please check out their website here, Project Sparrow or email Carrie at carrie@projectsparrowme.org.

Help Project Sparrow give every deserving child in Maine a nest.

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