This past Saturday, with the help of the City of Augusta, Augusta Police Department, Lajoie Brothers, and Brownies Tree Service, we all brought the annual Christmas Tree to the middle of Hay Square.

It all started at the Police Station and cut down the 35-45 foot tree. Every year the police department grows Christmas trees on their lot to provide to Hay Square for the holidays. Lajoie Brothers cut down the tree and the City of Augusta Delivered it. However, we all felt as though we were being watched.

As we continued to do our work, we heard a whisper saying, "hate, hate, hate. Double hate. LOATHE ENTIRELY!" It was the Grinch!


Dave Dostie Via Facebook

I do feel as though I have a lot in common with the Grinch because I often say, “Am I just eating because I’m bored?” I digress.

He looked like he was on a mission to commit some type of thievery but as he also always says, "One man’s toxic sludge is another man’s potpourri.”

We continued on our mission to deliver the tree to Hay Square free of the Grinch but he continued to track us.

As we arrived, Matt and I were asked to take over the "dropping of the tree" into the ground. A crane was involved as well as a bucket truck. Matt was my foreman controlling the tree's movement with a wireless controller thing and I was asked to climb into the bucket to free the tree from the crane after it had been dropped onto the ground.

Of course, we said yes. So I suited, booted, and tooted while jumping into the bucket.

Dave Dostie Via Facebook

Was I afraid after they told me I would be going up almost 100 feet into the air? Nodding as I say, "No." However, Mama always taught me that taking risks is essential in life to grow and uncover what you're made of. So up I went.

The tree was unhooked from the crane with ease, even though my hands were shaking and then Matt yelled, "Okay boys, take her up!" Matt raised me up so high I could see the entire Kennebec River.  It was scary but freeing and felt unimaginable. I could also see the top of everyone's heads, so that was cool.

I feel bad because I may have left a little pee in the tree bucket but I made a lot of friends and was able to experience the tree dropping.

All individuals involved were helpful and felt the Holiday Spirit.

I'd also like to report that the Grinch was finally apprehended and it took the Chief of Police Jared Mills to get him!

Dave Dostie Via Facebook

Please enjoy the gallery of all the photos of this event below!

Lizzy Conquers Fears As She Towers Over Augustas Holiday Tree

The official delivery and dropping of the holiday tree into Hay Square was this past weekend. Lizzy went up into the bucket truck to help and Matt was her foreman. The Grinch also made a troublesome appearance!

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