At this point, it probably shouldn't surprise you that my friends can be super tool bags. That's like a regular tool bag on steroids.

For several years now my camping buddies have been busting my chops over my grill. I actually think it's a wicked awesome piece of barbecuing equipment, while they on the other hand think it's a giant piece of junk because it's made by Char-Broil. As a matter of fact, they taught my toddler son Gavin to walk up to it, kick it and say "piece of junk". Ahh, the priceless memories that will live on forever.

Well, over the weekend at Beaver Brook campground they took their hatred of my grill to a whole new level. I went to bed on Saturday night and woke up Sunday morning to find my Char-Broil grill by the road and listed for sale with a big old sign on it. Mind you I'm the only one that brings a giant bbq grill camping so that everyone can stay nourished and full all weekend long. You know, because I care about others. jk.

Sunday morning when I woke up I walked down to the end of my campsite and this is what I found. Yes, they used my actual phone number.

117644509_10157333829826104_2946523565404733641_n (1)

Now I'm certainly not opposed to selling this grill and purchasing a Weber product, but I would certainly have to get a little bit more than $10 bucks for the thing. Sure, propane isn't included and one wheel is almost completely off, but that's a small price to pay for a grill that has charred hundreds of pounds of meat and prepared thousands of mediocre meals over the years.



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