Yes, I used a generic photo of someone vacuuming at a Trump rally on the post. Sue me... MAGA! Annnyyywho, we were talking today on the Moose Morning Show about different methods that are used to release stress. The number one answer? Swearing. Well, that's some F*****g b******t and I don't agree. I think that the best way to curb your stress is to CLEAN! Doesn't it just bring you so much joy and happiness to see all the dust bunnies getting sucked up into the cume? That's what I call vacuums, 'cumes'. There's nothing like wiping down every part of your home with a pungent aromatic disinfecting wipe knowing that you're brutally murdering germs and diseases. Nothing preps me for a cold toddy and wipes (no pun intended) my stress away quite like cleaning does. Is your house a mess? Invite me over and piss me off- I'd love to suck the crap out of your carpets!

Here's a random video of me.

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