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Woman Struck & Killed in Central Maine, Police Seek Witnesses
According to WABI TV 5, authorities are seeking witnesses who may have seen an accident that occurred Friday night in the town of Dresden.
Reports indicate that shortly after 5 PM on Friday evening, 40-year-old Eva Russell Edmonds of Woolwich, was struck and killed by a vehicle as she was walkin…
92 Moose is Giving You a Remote Car Starter!
It has been a few years since the threat of the polar vortex chilled us to our bones, but it looks like it may finally be returning- and we want you to be ready for it.
Experts are saying that the polar vortex could be here by the end of the month and stay here with us until the end of February...
A Fun Night Out with Friends at The Fusion of Windsor
It's been about a year since everything in our lives went completely haywire and we needed to rethink the way we do literally everything. Including, but not limited to, buying toilet paper.
Well, one of the worst effects of the COVID pandemic was not being able to go out and eat with friends for…

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