As most of you know, I am training for the Travis Miles, Miles for Mills 5k. I am trying my best to level up my physical form so I am taking all of the advice I can right now. My best friend Katie Schreiber had a suggestion.

She said, "Lizzy use a waist trainer, it will change your life." I was like, I am not a girdle type of girl, however, I'll do anything right now to continue to improve my physique.

For those of you who do not know what a waist trainer, also called a slimmer belt, is it is supposed to help with your core, weight loss, and slimming your waist, according to Marika, which is the company I purchased mine from.

According to Medical News Today,

A waist trainer is a shaping garment similar to a girdle. The waist trainer pulls a person's midsection in as tight as possible. The idea behind a waist trainer is that the pulling action gives the person a sleeker, smaller waist. Waist trainers usually consist of a combination of tough fabric and hard fibers.


I borrowed her husbands waist trainer, it was a little big and uncomfortable. It didn't fit tightly enough and after my workout I felt a good amount of sweat but not enough to feel like something drastically changed.

Because I am no quitter, I went to TJ Maxx in Auburn and bought one that is my size. I wasn't sure which to buy but I based it on the girl in the photo, did she look extremely uncomfortable or just mildly uncomfortable. I went with the mildly uncomfortable model. See here.

Lizzy Snyder via Phone
Lizzy Snyder via Phone

She's straining a bit and I can handle a little breathless strain, so I went with it.

So, I slipped that sucker on. I strapped it right around my skin on my stomach and jumped on the elliptical machine. I ended up doing 4.04 miles in 34 minutes, meaning, I was dripping with sweat.

At one point my ear buds weren't working because my sweat droplets were running into my ear holes and disrupting the tiny music robots in my ears.

When I was done, I took the waist trainer off and couldn't believe my eyes. Okay, so I am going to be very blunt now.

If someone was dying of thirst, all they'd have to do is grab a cup and I wouldn't runneth' it over with my body sweat. I know. It's detailed but it's so very true.

I created a lake, Lake Lizzy was within that waist trainer. It changed my life and burned so many calories in the area it was strapped to, my belly.

A waist trainer is almost like contacts, your body is aware of it at first and then you get used to it. It's magical how our bodies can do what they do.

So I am going to magically continue to use this contraption until I am happy with the results, in the meantime, I am going to sweat buckets of Lizzy lakes.

Anyone thirsty?

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