We had our very first experience at Hallowell's new Local Scoop ice cream stand. To say that it was a delightful experience would be an incredible understatement. However, I do have on piece advice before you venture out with your family for their decadent treats.

If you haven't noticed by my photo, or the dozens of others you've probably seen on social media over the last couple of months, the portion size on most of the items at the Local Scoop are what I would call 'astronomical' to put it lightly. They certainly do not skimp on the amount of ice cream they hand you through the window. Wowza.

Well, before we headed to Hallowell for ice cream Sunday evening, being the responsible parent that I am, I decided we should probably stop and feed the kids dinner before dessert. We popped in to our favorite local eatery, Lisa's Restaurant, and sat down for a bite. Something you should know about Lisa's is that they also don't skimp on their portions. See photo below for reference.



After an absolutely amazing (and massive) meal at Lisa's, we ventured down to the Scoop (how friggin' hip am I? Calling it the 'Scoop' like a cool cat & kitten) for our desserts. Well, I didn't realize just how much room I needed to save in my belly for this crazy ice cream cone. In retrospect, I probably should have eaten a little less dinner and put a little more in to to-go box. Either way, since I'm a true red-blooded American, I still crammed that whole cookie jar ice cream cone into my pie-hole and had every last bite!

But again, take my advice and do Lisa's Restaurant one night, and the Local Scoop the next. They both offer amazing portions that'll fill ya right up!

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