Yes, you read the title correct. Recently I wrote an article about how my Maine gym has new tanning booths that made me feel like I was travelling to the future, but this, ladies and gentlemen, this is one hell of a flex. They have levelled up with this machine. Who wouldn't want to walk into a machine and get their fat jiggled off?

I volunteered to try it, of course. I was a little nervous at first because no ever said, "I love to watch my body jiggle, it's super fun." I knew what I was in for, but I did it anyway because I consider myself an extremely serious live-action-reporter and in order for you to receive the true facts, I need to become the guinea pig.

This mammoth of a machine is called, The Total Body Enhancement System and let me tell you, you can feel it inside and outside of you're TOTAL body. So they weren't lying with that name.

I am a woman and as a woman, some of us will do just about anything for a quick-fix or short cut to fitness. We work very hard and run the world, but a lot of us are busy moms and bosses, so it feels good when you find something that takes a small amount of time to make you feel good.

This machine has different levels to fit your jiggle-needs. It goes from level 1 to level 4 and I chose level 4 so I could really feel the intensity of the treatment.

This machine does that. According to a review done by Helio Therapy, the Total Body Enhancement,

tones the body and train the muscles. Helps in fat burning and gives you more energy for heavier workouts, and reduces joint pain after workouts.

I personally would love not to feel super sore after running so I have done this twice already. I was told by one of the gym employees that folks that go consistently benefit from this by having nicer skin, less soreness, and it also helps to break up muscle tightness and burn fat.

Also, this machine currently is only available in a few gyms according to the article.

Below are a couple of video's of me bringing you behind the scenes and showing you what this machine is like when someone is actually in it!

I am not a doctor or gym scientist so please, if you have any physical issues, consult with you're doctor before using.

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